Monday, 18 September 2017


One life entered this world, and I was number two 
p3 took its toll, I couldn't see what I was getting into 
I ran amok four years then let my past finally be 
Five more steps it was, and I faced a deep blue sea 
i found a way out after six — and walked into the big tree.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

the true cost of taking up 
the mantle of service
is when you count 
all things 
once held dear 

Friday, 9 June 2017

oh what would you rather
what would you rather
to steer or to sink
ships with this
tiny rudder

oh what do you think
what do you think
if we pulled the trigger
and pointed a finger

i've held my lips
i've bitten my tongue
any longer i'll bleed dry
emptied of fuel
that fires these bones
drying up
drying up

O Holy Spirit,
O Spirit of God
take my heart of flesh
pump it once more
to beat after Yours
cover these wounds
Your blood in me
till the day there's no more
cursing only plowing
and the only lying
is the lion
with the lamb

my lips will taste
its true freedom
and my tongue draws
only praise overflowing,
oh when will it be
when will it be

Friday, 10 March 2017

Micah 6:8

“Because when you’re drowning, all you want is for somebody to stop talking and dive in to grab you before you sink… When you’re in that claustrophobic space of anxiety and scarcity, and you don’t have enough mental bandwidth to deal with anything more than each day’s demands, and having that breathing space to consider alternative choices or plan for the future, that is a luxury the working poor do not have. 

And that is why compassionate communication of available solutions rather than a “don’t know, go talk to your MP” approach by frontline officers matters so much… That’s why all these [eldercare, housing etc] interventions go a long way to create bandwidth, a space for the drowning to feel like they can breathe again. 

...We are missing a big point point if we think, 'Well, people must deal with the facts where they are rather than where they think they should be. Well, honestly, nobody understands their life just according to facts. It’s an intellectual’s fantasy to believe we are perfectly rational, fact driven beings, and most people make their choices according to their feelings about the facts. 

So if we care about making sure people hear us out on the hard facts, about our country’s real situation, then we must start all our communications of connecting with people with where they are, which is how they feel, even if that feeling is disagreeable or irrational to us.

If not, let’s just accept that your words will never impact anyone outside your echo chamber.”

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Karl Barth once commented that what matters most in the church's worship is not up-to-dateness but reformation. To be semper ecclesia reformanda does not mean to go with the time or let spirit of the age determine what is true or false. Nor does it mean to hide in the past. It means to carry out better than yesterday the task of singing a new song unto the Lord. "It means never to grow tired of returning not to the origin in time but to the origin in substance of the community." 
Or as Pius XII said in his encyclical on worship, "To return in mind and heart to the well-springs of the sacred liturgy" In our uniquely ahistorical milieu, sometimes the oldest truth has a strikingly contemporary ring. In our historical study of the liturgy, we are continually impressed by much that we have lost. Many of the liturgical innovations that were made during the heat of Reformation polemical battles have left Protestants with a truncated and limited liturgical life...Those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat history's mistakes and to miss past glories in the narrowness of present expressions of faith. The historical norm reminds us that one of the best ways to arrive where we want to be today in worship is to first know where the church's worship has been before.

Worship as Pastoral Care, William H. Willimon